Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation


Don Bosco School does not allow any Physical punishment whatsoever.The following shall be observed very strictly for warning the students: A student will be given 3 written warnings for any type of misbehaviour. After 3 warnings if a student:

Does not do Home work – 3 marks will be deducted. (From the concerned subject) Does not do Class work - 1 mark will be deducted. (From the concerned subject) Misbehaves in the class- 2 marks will be deducted (From the concerned subject class) Using slang words- 2 mark will be deducted. (From any major subject) Fights and abuses each other in or outside the class or any violent behaviour, -2 marks will be deducted (from any Major subject) Gets caught Cheating, lying, stealing, -2marks will be deducted. Indulges in any sort of indiscipline and misbehaviour, – 2 marks will be deducted (from any Major subject) Violates dress code or comes to school without proper dress or incomplete uniform- 1mark will be deducted (from any major subject) If any student gets more than 5 such deductions, parents will be called and suspension for 3 days will be given. Even after suspension if the student does not improve T. C. will be issued without any consideration. If any student is caught with any un-permitted articles such as mobile, laptops, tabs, any magazine or books or any other article which are not allowed shall be penalized by suspension for 3 days. The confiscated article shall not be returned whatsoever. In case the parents insist in returning the article, it shall be return provided the student is removed from the school. The school shall issue T.C. in such cases.



Boys: Grey shorts. (Grey trousers optional from 1st November to 15th February) Girls: Grey pinafores with pocket monogram, Red ribbon 1" Broad/ Red hair band quarter inch broad. (Grey Leggings optional from 1st November to 15th February) T-Shirts Nur to KG-II: on all Wednesdays. Class 1 & 2 on P.T days.


Boys: Grey shorts (Class VII upwards Trousers) (Grey trousers optional from 1st November to 15th February) Girls: Grey skirts one inch above the knee). Red broad ribbon / red broad hair band. (Grey Leggings optional from 1st November to 15th February) No stocking is allowed.


White shirts with stiff collar, short sleeves and pocket monogram. Black laced leather shoes (not synthetic) and white socks with maroon Red stripes (for boys and girls). School belt and school tie. (Class IX-XII: Long tie) Grey school sweater (winter). School Blazer (Optional) Summer: Summer shirt: no tie, P. T, days: White canvas shoes, School T Shirts, Grey shorts/trousers/skirts.

Saturday'S Special uniform for each co-curricular activity. White canvas shoes (for all).

All girls must use red broad ribbon/ red broad hair band. Mehendi, Kajal, bindi, nail polish, bangles, perfumes, tabis (visible), Lip balm Strawberry colour, earrings, rings, necklace are not allowed. Hair gel, hair colour, hair style with long hair and fashionable cut are not allowed. Every student should wear a clean, complete and correct uniform daily. A pupil who comes to school without proper uniform or whose uniform is untidy and/or ill-fitting will not be allowed to attend the classes. Students should bring a written application from the parents/guardians when his/her ward is without full uniform, otherwise the student will not be allowed to sit in the class. Students should have sufficient sets of uniform. Only black mufflers are allowed in the school and no other colours in winter. Stitch the uniform from the Uniform Makers authorized by the school only. They have been instructed regarding the style and stitching. For hikes, picnics, P.T. & Sports Day: White canvas shoes are to be worn.