Don Bosco Education System

Don Bosco Education System

The most significant achievement of Don Bosco was the revolution he brought about in the concept of education. He believed education to be a "matter of the heart" and said that the students must not only be loved, but know that they are loved. While living with youth, teaching them and sharing his life with them, Don Bosco understood the importance of Reason, Kindness and Godliness in dealing with them.He made these three elements the waft and weft of his educational system, commonly known as the Preventive System of Education.


It appeals to the resources of intelligence of the young person. It inculcates in the student an openness to truth and the capacity to grow in responsible freedom.


God loves all. We are his children. The students are helped to experience this love and share it with one another. The constant love and care the students receive from their educators prompt them to share the same with others. The special characteristic of Don Bosco Institutions is the loving presence of the educator, joy, spontaneity and family ambience.


Man's innate longing for and reverence of the divine is fostered in the students. In front of the divine he becomes aware of his potentialities as well as limitations. By becoming more and more divine, the student becomes truly human.

Family ambience

Don Bosco Schools have an ambience characterized by family spirit and a discipline that is not oppressive but meaningful, by a control that is not limiting but channeling, by a freedom that is not licentious but responsible