School Campus

Our Campus

School Building Specifications


Total School Area - 8 Acres
Staff Room - 36'x20'
Football ground - 300'x148'
Office including reception - 20'x120'
B.Ball ground - 92.5'x49.5'
AC Hall - 50'x30'
Class Room - 25'x20' (approx)
Physics Lab - 48'x40'
Assembly Area - 200'x70'
Chemistry Lab - 48'x40'
Computer Lab I - 48'x40'
Computer Lab II - 40'x40'
Biology Lab - 48'x40'

Don Bosco School is situated in Agartala, the capital of Tripura, India. It is on the G.B. - Agartala - Khayerpur by pass.
It is 6 kms from the city centre, 1½ Kms. from the Raj Bhawan and 1 km from Agartala Govt. Medical College.
-The Agartala Airport is just 13 minutes drive away from school.
-The Agartala Railway Station is 14 kms away.